Why Isn’t Cortana Available On My Windows 10 Pc?

Why isn’t Cortana available on my windows 10 PC?

You already install windows 10 on your PC or laptop but Cortana isn’t available, this because at first launch only available at seven country (USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and China) around the world. if you found “im afraid im not available to help in your region” it means that your not belong to the seven country, in the next future Microsoft will provide for every language and every culture.

CortanaWindows10.com cortana isnt available

Get Cortana to your windows 10

To get Cortana ready to your windows 10 PC or laptop is easy trick, to do this just change the windows region setting to country where cortana is available(USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and China). You shouldn’t need to change the languages options, just change the “Country or region” settings. Just follow this simple steps:

CortanaWindows10.com cortana settings

  1. Open Settings. Select Time& language, and then Region & Language.
  2. Check the Language (set as default) setting for your Windows display language.  If your desired language is not available, add your desired language:
    • Click Add Language.
    • Select your desired language from the list.
    • Select the desired locale, which is the language/country combination.
    • Click on the newly selected locale and select Options.
    • Under Download language pack, click Download.
    • Under Speech, click Download.
    • After the downloads are complete (this could take several minutes), return to the Time & Language settings.
    • Click on your new language and select Set as Default.
    • NOTE:  IF you changed languages, you must sign out of your account and back in for the new setting to take effect.
  3. Check the Country or region setting.  Make sure the country selected corresponds with the Windows display language set in the Language setting.
  4. Return to Settings and Time& language, and then select Speech.  Check the Speech language setting, and make sure it’s aligned with the previous settings.
  5. From Region & Language, under languages is a Related settings section, click on Additional date, time & regional settings, then in the control panel widow that opens:
    • Under Language, click Add a language.
    • A table of installed languages will display, click Options for the language you are using.
    • At the top of the page under Windows display language, click Make default display language (or something like that).
    • You will need to sign out for changes to take effect.

CortanaWindows10.com is ready

Note: If it says Enabled under Windows display language, then this is already done.
Hope this article help you finding solution on why isnt cortana available on my windows 10 laptop?

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