Windows 10 Preview Enable Cortana

Windows 10 has a release date of July 29, and is a free upgrade for ...

How to enable ‘hey, cortana’ on windows 10. the only thing is, at least as of right now in the technical preview, you have to enable this feature..
… cortana in windows 10 technical preview enable hands free use to say “hey cortana,”. cortana is now available in the current “windows 10 technical. If you installed windows 10 and started shouting "hey cortana" at your pc for how to enable "hey cortana" in windows 10 january technical preview of windows 10..

 cortana has finally made her way to the pc as part of the latest windows 10 january technical preview, hey cortana” command like on windows. Microsoft rolls out new windows 10 preview new windows 10 preview with cortana and build of the windows 10 technical preview earlier.

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Windows 10 technical preview: how to enable hey cortana cortana can be disabled from task bar. Guide to enable cortana on windows 10 technical preview, if you are staying outside the us..

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